Opening the door to the YOMEI BUNKO -Ancient performing art and ceremony-

A three-day luxury event held at the unique venues of Yomei Bunko and Kozanso, which hold numerous cultural properties telling the stories of Japanese culture.

Based on the concept of "opening a thousand-year time capsule," we designed a high-quality experience that leverages the connections of the Konoe family, the first of the Five Regent Houses (go-sekke).
New video guides in English featuring interviews with foreign experts will be shown, and realistic guided exhibitions of cultural properties and other items in the collection will be presented. The tea ceremony and namagashi confectionery experience will be held in conjunction with a special exhibition of related cultural properties in the alcove of the Japanese tatami room in Kozanso. Participants can also enjoy luxury contents that could never be experienced at conventional art galleries or museums, such as watching a dance performance by Yasaka Shrine's Yasaka Gagaku Society in the courtyard or Nihon-Buyo (a traditional Japanese dance performance) while tasting sake associated with the Konoe family. Visitors can learn about and enjoy the finest aspects of Japanese culture through real experiences related to the collection and history of Yomei Bunko.


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Yomei Bunko and Kozanso (1-2 Utano Kaminotani-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan)

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