Zipangu: Performance festival where light shines

Fusing vibrant dance and light performances,
this is a “light entertainment show” that can be felt with the whole body!

“Traditional performance x light x experience”
MPLUSPLUS, which charmed the world with an innovative light performance, is casting a spell of light on traditional arts!
“Maiko dance” “OSK Nippon Revue Company” and “Kagura” are Japan’s top tier dance and performance groups,
and they have come together to deliver the most impressive and newest entertainment.

With a special ticket to enjoy the show even more, your experience starts before the show.
You gather at a secret location, put on a special outfit that puts light on Japan’s traditional clothes, called “happi,”
and walk through Kyoto at night to the theater.
Fully enjoy the show while wearing the happi that lights up in time to the performance!

A new type of show begins, featuring a fusion of tradition and innovation!


Location Name

Pontocho Kaburenjo

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