Edo Tokugawa Culture Premium Experience Program in Modern Tokyo: Special Visit to Zojo-ji Temple & Tokugawa Culture Experience

A rare and high quality historical and cultural experience in modern Tokyo, coordinated by the descendant of the former shogun's clan.

The Tokugawa family founded Tokyo, which was known at the time as 'Edo', and brought one of the world's longest periods of peace, "Pax-Tokugawana," which lasted for over 300 years.
The tour will be led by Iehiro Tokugawa, the nineteenth head of the Tokugawa family. He will guide participants through Zojo-ji Temple, which has connections to the Tokugawa family, and will explore the essence of the history and culture of Edo, which prospered as the center of the samurai class and developed differently from Kyoto.

▼The following special programs will allow participants to experience a quality encounter with the essence of the history and spirit of samurai, an experience not offered anywhere else in Japan.
・A full-scale historical and cultural stay program, which is one of the few programs of its kind in Tokyo, and also the first that is offered by the Tokugawa family.
・Opportunity to learn about the samurai spirit through the Tokugawa Edo period, which established one of the longest periods of peace in the world.
・Fully authentic cultural experience of the Japanese culture that prospered during the peaceful Edo period and has continued to this day, with the head of family that has continued since the Edo period.
・Special visit to the restricted area of Zojo-ji Temple, one of Tokyo's most famous temples associated with the Tokugawa family.
(Visit to the upper level of Japan's Important Cultural Property Sangedatsumon Gate, which has watched over Edo/Tokyo since its establishment over 400 years ago)
・Special exhibition of historical cultural properties owned by the Tokugawa family



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Zojo-ji Temple

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